Fytenburg Brewing - A Little History

How We Got Here
Theodore Fyten set sail on the steamship, St. Patrick, from Antwerp, Belgium and emigrated from his native Netherlands to St. Paul in the summer of 1869. He set up shop as a teamster and harness maker, serving St. Paul's bustling Upper Levee brewery neighborhood. Two years later, his brother John joined him and set up shop near the falls of St. Anthony, in order to serve North East Minneapolis's brewing community. Thus setting the stage for the Fyten family's service to the Twin Cities brewing community for 140 years.

Today, the Theodore Fyten Brewing Company dba Fytenburg Brewing Company is housed in the historic horse stables of the Jacob Schmidt and Christopher Stahlmann Breweries, which date back to the 1850's. They are also historically the brewery shops where Tod's grandfather George Fyten, Jr. worked for Jacob Schmidt.

Established in 1999, by Tod Fyten, II - great, great, great grandson of Theodore Fyten - the brewery today is planning the release of its famed Fytenburg brews, on draft in the summer of 2012.


Fytenburg Brewing Company
363 Webster St.
St. Paul, MN 55102